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The harmful blue green algae bloom that has plagued Lee County waters is directly attributable to irresponsible government oversight on the timing and volume of water released from Lake Okeechobee and excessive nutrients, sediments and toxic brew of insecticides, pesticides and fungicides released from sugar cane fields into the Lake. The South Florida Water Management […]

The state has six projects on private ranch land and former citrus groves to serve as water storage and treatment areas. Thriving ranch land in the belly of the Indian Prairie Basin will soon be a pool of nutrient-bombed water as Florida looks at temporary fixes for the algae woes of Lake Okeechobee and the northern […]

There’s a lot of concern about what that nasty, blue-green algae can do to our health, and it’s getting the attention of our political leaders. Senator Bill Nelson campaigned in North Fort Myers Friday, hosting a roundtable with environmentalists and health care leaders about the toxic blooms. One of those neighbors is Linda Jones, she […]

Discussion of algal blooms on the Caloosahatchee River took a decidedly political turn at a roundtable hosted by U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson in North Fort Myers. Braced for a tight re-election fight where he faces a challenge from Republican Gov. Rick Scott, the three-term senator put the onus of the green-algae problem on poor state leadership. “Rick Scott has systematically dismembered […]

As officials scrambled in recent weeks to catch up and respond to an unfolding water calamity both east and west of Lake Okeechobee — dangerous blue-green algae have infected waters reaching the Indian Lagoon near Stuart on the Atlantic, and Pine Island Sound near Sanibel Island on the Gulf of Mexico — residents or tourists […]

Diane Roberts It’s shocking how Adam Putnam doesn’t get the respect he so richly deserves. The man has something like $37 million in his campaign account. As Commissioner of Agriculture, he’s got name recognition less accomplished politicos can only dream of, what with “Adam H. Putnam” emblazoned on every gas pump from Chumuckla to Miami […]

It’s a recurring nightmare, but this year’s early algae bloom could signal one of the worst summers yet   PORT MAYACA, Fla. — Rain, heat and pollutants have caused an outbreak of toxic algae blooms, which can cause health problems. Now, lawmakers in Florida want the governor to declare a state of emergency over an algae problem at […]

Lake Okeechobee, Florida’s liquid heart, is once again exploding with a massive algae bloom, a deepening crisis that threatens to slime both coasts in what has become a recurring summer nightmare. This week, thick green blooms the consistency of a sickening smoothie seeped down the rural Caloosahatchee River toward the southwest coast. More ooze piled […]

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