House Judiciary Committee

More than two years after Robert Mueller began investigating whether President Donald Trump attempted to obstruct justice, the special counsel offered the American people a sobering conclusion in his final report, released Thursday: The most powerful law enforcement officials in the country are not in a position to prosecute their boss, the President. But Congress, Mueller said, […]

On Thursday, Pulitzer Prize-winning business writer David Cay Johnston wrote an editorial laying out the hard truth for Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin: he has no legal choice but to hand over President Donald Trump’s tax returns to Congress. The law says he must.“The reason will no doubt surprise those who think Trump can thumb his nose […]

The Washington Post has a squad devoted to reporting on Trump’s lies. Monday they wrote about his deranged address at CPAC– the one that crackpot editor of Reason, Nick Gillespie, insists won him the 2020 election: “Powered by his two-hour stemwinder …

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