by NoahWe do not have a policy of separating families at the border. Period.-Kristjen Nielsen, Secretary Of The Department Of Homeland Security, June 17, 2018On Wednesday, Kristjen Nielsen, She-Wolf Of The DHS, once again displayed her exceedingly gros…

President Donald Trump now plans to build his border wall under the guise of a “national emergency.” The declaration, announced last Friday, will theoretically empower the president to divert $3.6 billion from military construction projects, $2.5 billion from federal counter-narcotics programs, and $ President Donald Trump now plans to build his border wall under the […]

US judges have been operating mass trials, which dozens of defendants are charged and sentenced in one go, for border immigration cases since 2005 as part of “Operation Streamline.” Such scenes have increased lately because of the rolling out of Trump’s “”zero-tolerance” policy on immigration. Source: Leaked photo shows 37 accused unauthorized immigrants at mass […]

Stephen Miller has a long history of controversy, and he has become a key policy driver in the Trump White House, playing a major role in government shutdown negotiations and enacting the controversial “zero tolerance” policy of separating migrant parents from their children. White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller has been identified as the driving […]

On Sunday, Trump tweeted that immigrants in the U.S. illegally should be summarily deported – which would violate international law and treaties. President Trump has persistently expressed admiration for the autocrats of the world – from Vladimir Putin, whose agents have been implicated in the murders of political rivals, to Roberto Duterte, whose government has engaged in summary executions of […]

With House Republicans’ immigration bills likely to go down in flames Thursday afternoon, many vulnerable GOP lawmakers are fearing the political ramifications of their inaction in the face of public outrage over the mass separation of migrant children and families. But Rep. Pete King (R-NY) is not too concerned. “Americans care more about Americans,” he told TPM a few […]

As was the case with Hurricane Katrina in 2005, voters should remember the cruelty shown by this president and act accordingly act the ballot box. Rachel Maddow drew a parallel on Thursday that should terrify Donald Trump as he looks to the midterm elections – and further ahead to the 2020 campaign – to strengthen […]

Long before Attorney General Jeff Sessions cited Romans 13 to respond to critics of the administration’s zero tolerance immigration policy, other prominent American Christians were using Biblical verses about the role of the government to justify their support for President Donald Trump. Verses about submitting to authorities are scattered throughout the New Testament, most often in […]

Staff working on the behalf of the Office of Refugee Resettlement are routinely drugging detained child migrants with psychotropics without their parents’ consent, according to legal filings. Trump administration officials have repeatedly insisted that the family separation policy they implemented over the last six weeks is humane. But the ongoing lawsuit over the Flores agreement, […]

WASHINGTON, DC – JUNE 20: U.S. President Donald Trump displays an executive order he signed that will end the practice of separating family members who are apprehended while illegally entering the United States on June 20, 2018 in Washington, DC. The order would detain parents and children together. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) You break […]

The Trump administration has reopened a Homestead facility near Miami that houses minors caught up in the immigration system. The compound’s revival comes as the Trump administration is separating children from parents who enter the country illegally. The Trump administration has reopened a 1,000-bed Homestead facility that once housed minors who entered the country illegally […]

The Trump administration will build a tent city near the US-Mexico border in Texas to house hundreds of migrant children, including those separated from their parents. Approximately 450 kids will be held in temporary shelters at Tornillo Land Point of Entry, a border crossing point near El Paso, NBC reported Wednesday. According to the Washington Post, temporary shelters at Tornillo […]

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