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Sierra Club Dissects Ron DeSantis’ Environmental Plan and Abysmal Voting Record in Congress Earlier this week, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis released his environmental plan for Florida. Below is a brief overview of DeSantis’ plan and votes he’s taken that are in stark contrast to what he now proposes. Sierra Club Florida Director Frank Jackalone released the […]

The Right to Pollute is worth billions, especially the right to pollute a national park. That means there’s money to be made defending that right. Champions of pollution build careers and fortunes helping private industry destroy public places, and few have attracted more mercenaries than the Everglades. We saw it on the national stage last […]

Despite rising threats from pollution fueled by increasing development and climate change, Florida has repeatedly cut back on monitoring its water and providing critical data that scientists need to understand how problems like algae blooms and red tide occur. When Florida Sea Grant director Karl Havens, who is a well-regarded expert on water and has […]

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