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Written by on March 8, 2019

by Noah

Judge Ellis’ assessment that Manafort led an “otherwise blameless life” was proof that he is unfit to serve on the federal bench. I’ve rarely been more disgusted by a judge’s preferential treatment to a rich white guy who betrayed the law and the nation.
-Laurence Tribe, tribelaw

Who owns the judge?

C’mon! You know you’d like to see if Judge Ellis has a Swiss bank account. Or, maybe just a peek at the wife’s jewelry bills for the next few months? If he does have a wife that is. Maybe he just has a moll. That’s it, a judges moll! What the hell is wrong with Virginia anyway! Manafort gets 47 months??!!?! Where the hell do they find these people?

In this case, the answer to where do they find these people is, wait for it, Ronald Reagan. Reagan, previously known as the favorite in any “Name The Worst President Ever” contest, appointed “Judge” Ellis to his District Court position back in 1987. Reagan: The gift that just keeps on giving… like a case of antibiotic-resistant clap. Initiate the disbarment proceedings! Ellis was so arrogant that he displayed his bias in the case from the bench, before it even began.

As you’ve no doubt heard the sentencing guidelines for Manafort’s crimes called for 19 to 24 years, but, hey it’s not the first time a judge thought he knew better, for whatever reason. In giving Manafort his slap on the wrist. Ellis even made a ridiculously absurd statement that Manafort had led an “otherwise blameless life.” Imagine if he had been charged with sentencing Ted Bundy: “Mr. Bundy has led an otherwise blameless life. Besides, his victims were all women.” Or, “Mr. Hitler was otherwise a blameless quiet painter and paper hanger who loved his dog.” Manafort is an “associate” of Russian mobsters and the mobster in the White House. Blameless.

This is also another case of the elite upper class twits of Washington taking care of their own. Suppose Paul Manafort’s first name was Pablo, or, better yet Kareem or Kwame. A Kwame Manafort would have gone down for the full 24 years, and more if possible. There are states where people get more, much more, than 47 months just for possessing weed. Judge T.S. Ellis. That’s Thomas Selby, not Tough Shit. This assclown is a real brainiac. Riding him out of town on a rail is way too good for him, but it’s a start. OK, I’ll be lenient; 47 months for Ellis will work for me if it’s spent in the general prison population of Riker’s Island, or a jail in Turkey.

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