Midnight Meme Of The Day!

Written by on March 12, 2019

by Noah

Bonesaw privileges included.

Sure, Trump overruled the CIA and the FBI when he gave a security clearance card to that Kushner dweeb but he didn’t even bother with the card when he had those Russian diplo-spies over to the oval office for laughs about firing Comey and to hand them top secret Israeli intelligence. And, we’ll never know what Trump has handed over to his pal Putin in their oh so private get-togethers or what he’s told him in their late night kissy-poo phone calls.

I can see all of us receiving the same envelope Ralphie got in the movie from which tonight’s meme photo originates. It will arrive for the 2020 campaign and feature a code that translates to the Republican campaign slogan of “Drink more Trump Kool-Aid” and 62 million voters will eagerly follow suit.

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