Season 5 Episode 19

James Ehlers August 14, 2019

Our Nature with James Ehlers – Season 5 Episode 19 – Original Air Date: 08-14-19

Some hack at the branches. Others go straight to the root.

This week James was joined by Mike Bald to discuss the proliferation of poisons across our landscape and in our politics and how each of us can clean-up both, sustainably.

Mike is the Owner / Founder of Got Weeds?, a company operating across the New England states to demonstrate non-chemical vegetation management methods.

Mike works over extended timeframes targeting non-native species with non-chemical methods. Since there are no toxins in the approach, community members or landowners can work alongside on occasion to learn the nuances of the site transitioning effort. This builds local capacity in the grand scheme to reduce chems or pollutants that find their way into the water supply.

As we like to say on Our Nature, creating a better world is team sport.

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