Season 5 Episode 7

James Ehlers April 17, 2019

Our Nature with James Ehlers – Season 5 Episode 7 – Original Air Date: 04-17-19

Two fearless women take on one of Vermont’s most powerful and politically connected corporations and the government in their fight for safe drinking water and clean air in their Vermont Northeast Kingdom community.

In a twist of irony, the Chittenden County trash thought to be out of sight in the troubled Coventry landfill is now coming back to poison our rivers and Lake Champlain through Burlington, Montpelier, Barre, and Essex Jct wastewater treatment plants.

Martha May Sylvester and Pam Ladds with DUMMP joined Our Nature with James Ehlers on People’s Voice Radio.

Follow their critical work to bring transparency to Vermont’s drinking water and solid waste practices:

“The leachate from this landfill, containing almost six times the safety standard of PFAS toxins, is going to Newport, Montpelier, North Burlington, Barre, Essex, Concord, NH and Plattsburgh, NY. After being treated in waste water treatment plants, which do NOT remove the PFAS, it is dumped into local waterways still containing the PFAS. Lake Champlain is being polluted by this landfill’s leachate.”

If it’s in our nature, it will be on Our Nature. Just remember…chips are for kindlin’, not shoulders.

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