The Peoples Voice – Episode 10

John Scott and Ray Judah September 27, 2018


Episode 10 of The People’s Voice on People’s Voice Radio



Having lived here since the early 1970’s Bill has seen the area grow by leaps and bounds. That growth has reached a point where our most valuable resources, clean drinking water and clean water for recreation are threatened. Housing prices are skyrocketing beyond what are work force can afford. The current path the County is on will make our area just more of the same in the blur of helter-skelter growth our great state is experiencing. Bill’s top priorities are preservation of natural resources, protection of unique communities (Alva, Pine Island, Estero, North Fort Myers) and job growth in Lehigh Acres and Cape Coral which will ease the burden on our roads. Please, look through each of the issues on this site. Feel free to provide input. If you agree with my stances, please donate and support this campaign. We live in paradise, let’s take care of it!

You can visit to learn more about Bill. PLEASE DONATE AND SUPPORT BILL IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE! He is NOT taking corporate or dark money and needs YOU to help him win.

We’ve had 20 years of Republican Governors and heavy Republican majorities in the legislature. You can see the results in our environment and waterways. They’re being destroyed, along with countless marine life, people’s livelihoods, their way of life and our precious tourism and fishing industries. Rick Scott and Republicans have been an unmitigated disaster for our state and it’s time we try something different. Something for the people and the environmental of our state! Vote Blue in these upcoming elections, trying the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity! Aren’t you tired of the insanity? If your answer is yes then LET’S DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Register to vote and then VOTE, as if your life depended on it, which in some cases it might. Then make sure you go out and find all of your family and friends who aren’t registered to vote and get them registered and make sure they vote! Drive them to the polls if you have to. Get their mail-in ballots setup for them! Do anything and everything you can to help elect candidates who will finally put an end to this insanity!

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