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Movement Music Records intends to create music with artists that truly care about society and our earth and spread the idea of Movement Music throughout the globe.  Movement Music moves you in every way. Emotionally and politically, it activates the listener.

Artivist [ar-tuh-vist] – People who push political agendas by the means of art.

Anyone who has witnessed artists use the stage as a platform for activism understands the amplification of the power of these messages when they are delivered in song. Movement Music Records seeks to leverage the artists and performers who take advantage of their talent and stage opportunity to broadcast important messages to their audiences and infiltrate them into society at large.

Our Mission is to inspire and celebrate through music the collective voices, that if sung together can change the world in which we live for the benefit of all of society. We look to spread the word of truth in music and amplify the voices that have lost their strength. Movement Music Records will continue to support music projects that inspire its listeners to stand up, volunteer themselves for a greater good, and speak out for what they believe in. We like to think of Movement Music as the new era of protest music. Spanning every genre, age, and “status”. We require that every one of our albums will include artists you have probably never heard of alongside Movement Music superstars. We look  to further cultural awareness, social responsibility, and develop a deep social consciousness in all who listen…… We make music that Moves you.

President and Owner, Jason Samel produced his first album “Occupy This Album” released May, 2012.  The project included artists such as Jackson Browne, DJ Logic, Yoko Ono, Crosby and Nash, Toots And The Maytals, Debbie Harry, Yo La Tengo, Thievery Corporation, Warren Haynes, Third Eye Blind, Ani DiFracno just to name a few of the 99 artists.  Occupy This Album won an Intependent Music Award for ‘Best compilation’. Buy This Fracking album was released June of 2015 and featured Bonnie Raitt, Pete Seeger, Josh Fox and others many other amazing artists.

To purchase any of the music featured here and more please visit Movement Music Records website. Your support is appreciated!

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